Did They Vanish In Thin Air?

TAWQEER HUSSAIN10 countries, 40 ships, 34 airplanes and 10 high resolution satellites are trying to find the Malaysian 777-200 Flight MH370 that went missing over the South China Sea en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. The flight had onboard 239 people including 154 Chinese, 38 Malaysians, seven Indonesians, six Australians, five Indians, four French and three Americans besides 12 crew members. FBI, Interpol, and Chinese and Malaysian intelligence and aviation agencies are trying to trace out the details of the plane’s but so far all of them have failed. With hundreds of questions and no answers, the question is: Did the plane vanish into thin air?

In the age of modernization with unprecedented technological advancement, four days have passed when the ill fated flight went missing and no clues have yet turned up. What we have got so far is a story about the oil slick, but its association with the missing plane had not been confirmed. This whilst jam packed press conferences continue and wailing and confused relatives are still looking for someone to let them know about what actually happened.

The Malaysian airline officials are trying to issue briefs about what went wrong but the problem is that they don’t have anything to share. They too seem helpless in this situation. According to media reports the plane might have crashed while cruising but no one has been able to locate any debris. So many theories are being cooked up following past experiences but no one has concrete evidence.

Besides crash theory, the possibility of a terrorist plan and subsequent hijacking too is being considered as one of the theories but so far no one has claimed responsibility of any foul play.

The unfortunate incident has raised the questions on Malaysian aviation security as the scrutiny of documents travelling aboard the missing flight has pointed at two passengers using fake passports leading to speculation about foul play.

The Malaysian Airline authorities have been trying almost everything to trace the missing flight, but still technology continues to fails to get any breakthrough. Pathbreaking technologies like Google Earth too failed at this end and didn’t provide any specific inputs of the flight. The aviation experts believe that something strange and sudden happened because of which the pilots too didn’t sent the distress signals of help calls.

What happened so far is a mystery and it is deepening as time passes on. A bizarre movement for the people who are waiting for their beloved ones. A moment of helplessness for the authorities who don’t have any answer against hundreds of questions. A technological failure on which we relent most, and this time it has made us helpless.

As world tries their bit to search the flight, the fate of 239 people onboard is still in dilemma and this tragedy wants immediate attention from the respective governments, so as to avert these things in future.

As India and other countries are still offering help, below are the list of countries who have already chipped in to search for the missing flight.


Malaysia has deployed 18 aircraft and 27 ships, including the submarine support vessel MV Mega Bakti which is able to detect objects in water at depths of up to 1,000m.


10 high Resolution Satellites, 9 warships, two specialized Ocean rescue boats, 50 maritime rescue team, Two Amphibian naval ships.


Besides setting up two command posts it has chipped in Eight ships and seven aircraft for search mission.

United States

The United States has deployed the USS Pinckney and Kidd from the Seventh Fleet, The Arleigh Burke-class destroyers carry MH60 Seahawk helicopters, A US P-3C Orion aircraft.


It has also sent two P-3C aircraft to join the search for the missing aircraft, which had six Australians on board.


Singapore has sent two warships, a submarine support and rescue vessel, a Sikorsky naval helicopter and a C-130 aircraft.


Thai Navy has dispatched a Super Lynx helicopter and a patrol ship to the Andaman Sea, west of Thailand. It has also put two other ships on standby in the Gulf of Thailand, awaiting a request for assistance from Malaysia.


Indonesia has dispatched a corvette, four rapid patrol vessels and a maritime surveillance plane after Malaysia requested assistance to scour the waters around Penang Island in the Malacca Strait.

The Philippines

It has also dispatched a Fokker F-27 and an Islander plane and two patrol ships. It has also placed on alert a Hamilton-class cutter vessel and a C-130 plane to join in the mission, if needed.

(The articel was first published in “The Citizen” http://thecitizen.in/city/did-they-vanish-into-thin-air)

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Hurriyat hardline leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani answered a range of questions on the forthcoming elections, his conditions for a dialogue with New Delhi, and the lack of unity amongst the separatists in an interview with The Citizen.Excerpts:Geelani

Q: General elections are going to held this year. How do you view it?

SAS Geelani: Elections are irrelevant to Kashmir and the people of Kashmir, until India recognises the disputed nature of Kashmir. Our vote gets exploited as India took it as a support to democracy which actually it is not. So once again the Hurriyat Conference(G) appeals to the people of Kashmir to enforce the poll boycott.

This year witnessed a huge number Kashmiri youngsters joining politics, have they lost faith in freedom struggle?

There are ups and downs, people of Kashmir should understand what India is doing with us. There have been grave human rights violations by Indian forces and they have been let off with honors. Kashmir is the dark tag in the face of Indian democracy. It is a hoax. So Kashmir youngsters should understand where they are heading and whom they are supporting.

Aam Aadmi party has started its inning in Kashmir, how do you react to it?

AAP is just another Indian political party for us. Both Modi and Kejriwal are two faces of same coin. Let they come clear on the Kashmir issue.

Aam Aadmi Party maintained that they will be focussing on basic human needs in Kashmir and won’t interfere in the Kashmir issue.

It won’t help, AAP has to come clean on Kashmir and should take a stand on the Kashmir issue. This is just an election gimmick. They can’t make space in Kashmir until they clear the doubts. Kejriwal should come forward and decode their stand on Kashmir. I know it is difficult for them as any political party who supports the Kashmir cause is being called Anti-National.

Recently Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde maintained in Parliament that secret talks are going on with the Hurriyat Mirwaiz group. Have they approached you too?

No, we are not the part of secret talks. Let me make it clear today, we are not against the dialogue, but it should be result oriented and concentrate to resolve the Kashmir. For this it is mandatory for India to accept Kashmir as a disputed territory. The dialogue should involve all the parties- India, Pakistan and the genuine leadership of Kashmir. It should take into consideration the 18 resolutions drafted by United Nations who declared Kashmir as disputed territory after India took the case there in 1948. Now they are backtracking and denying the hard realities. India should respect its promises and commitments and should respect the sacrifices of the people of Kashmir. Whosoever is part of the dialogue should understand India’s stand and make it clear to the people of Kashmir. Dialogue should never be behind the curtain. It should be open and decisive.

What is your roadmap to solve Kashmir?

First it is mandatory for India to withdraw the bulk of its forces, they can keep some forces on the ground for administrative forces. The United Nations should take the whole state and organise the plebiscite. Then people will decide whether they went to merge with India or Pakistan or want to be independent. We are bound to follow that decision.

You and other Hurriyat leaders are accused of never highlighting the human rights violations in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.?

We are not silent about what is happening in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan. We are strongly condemning those violations. We have openly come out against Pakistan on these violations in Azad Kashmir.

Is there any merger on the cards between the Hurriyat leaders in Kashmir?

There is a difference in policies and their policies are not consistent. See the recent development, the secret talks between India and the other Hurriyat. It is against the policy and the constitution of APHC. So for unity, there should be no policy difference, but this is not so and so there is no question of unity.

You are talking about Kashmir only, what about Jammu and Ladakh?

We are being misunderstood always, by Kashmir I mean Jammu and Kashmir. In 2006, I had many interactions in Jammu met thousands of people over there. In 2007 when I repeated the same, I was put under house arrest in Jammu for 20 days, I was not allowed to meet the people and it has been seven years now since I am under house arrest. Even many of my Hindu friends who invited me for wedding functions called me later not to come fearing reprisal by fundamentalists.

For how long will all this go on, how many more generations will have to pay the price if India and Pakistan remain rigid?

See there is no time frame for the freedom struggle, it can be tomorrow or it can take hundreds of years. But yes there are two options either to surrender or carry on. I will go with the carry on option. We are here to win and not to loose.

( First published in The Citizen http://thecitizen.in/city/geelani-condemns-human-rights-violations-in-pok/ )

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After 23 Years, Government official broke his silence on Kunan Poshpora and alleged BG Verghese threatened him


The chilling details of How The then team of Press Council of India led by senior journalist B G Varghese pressurized Government official to change his stand on gruesome mass rape incident, has raised serious questions on the role of Indian Government in Kunan-Poshpora mass rape incident, which is still being denied justice.

On the 23rd anniversary of the incident, when whole Kashmir was paying tribute to the gruesome mass incident in twin hamlets of Kupawara – Kunan-Poshpora, one man, who stood firm for his report which inducts Indian Army’s  4 Rajputana rifles as the main culprits, broke his silence and revealed chilling details of how the troopers acted as “Wild beasts”

“I was shocked to see the plight of the women. The victims, including old and young, were weeping and crying. They narrated their ordeal. I must say I felt ashamed while recording their statements. Syed Mohammad Yasin said while addressing a gathering at a hotel Grand Mumtaz in Srinagar on the ‘Kashmiri Women’s Resistance Day’ organized by J&K Coalition of Civil Society, the support group for ‘Justice for Kunan-Poshpora Survivors’ to mark 23rd anniversary of the ‘mass rape’.

Yasin added that “A woman told me that she was kept under jackboots by the soldiers while her daughter and daughter-in-law were being raped before her eyes, even a pregnant woman was not spared either; she gave birth to a deformed baby four days after the incident,” Yasin recalled.

Syed Mohammad Yasin, the then Deputy Commissioner Kupwara in 1991, said how he was pressurized to change his report, but when he refused to do he, he was transferred to different places.

Yasin said the then PCI team led by senior Journalist B G Verghese asked him to change the report to “save the soldiers in National Interest”.

“I told him (Varghese) ‘are you not ashamed of what your Army has done in Kunan-Poshpora” Yasin recalled adding that” he started threatening me and my family”.  Yasin added,. BG Verghese in his report later gave clean chit to the army.

Yasin in his report have mentioned after getting the information about the incident, he went to the place and documented the ordeal of almost 23 women with age ranging from 13 to 60 years. Yasin said that the Indian army gang-raped them irrespective of their ages and marital status.

The former DC suggested that a team of officers be deputed to the concerned village to invitage the matter thoroughly and punish the culprits.

On February 23, 1991, during a cordon and search operation, soldiers of 4 Rajputana Rifles of the Army’s 68 Brigade had raided twin hamlets of Kunan and Poshpora villages near Kupwara. They had allegedly forced the men out of their homes and locked them up in two houses in Kunan, before barging into houses and allegedly raped women and young girls.

Lambasting the Then DC Kupwara, BG Verghese, while taking to this journalist, termed the allegations as “Untrue and Absolutely non-sense”

“I am surprised and shocked by this allegation, it is absolutely non-sense and untrue” Senior journalists BG Verghese said adding that “I do stand by my report in which I have given the clean chit to the army”.

Verghese said that he was a journalist and he doesn’t have any authority to threat any person .

“I am a journalist, don’t have any authority to threat any person and threatening a Deputy Commissioner rank officer and his family is out of bounds” Verghese added “I want people of Kashmir to go through my report once again”.





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New Comers against political bigwigs as AAP announces first list of Candidates

Tawqeer Hussain

Just two days after resigning from Delhi Government, Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party announced its first list of 20 candidates for upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The List includes 20 AAP members including social activist Medha Patkar, Anjali Damania, Aushutosh, Yogendra Yadav and Kumar Vishwas.

The Aam Aadmi Party has decided to field former journalist Ashutosh against Union minister Kapil Sibal from the Chandni Chowk constituency in Delhi. Mukul Tripathi will be contesting against external affairs minister Salman Khurshid from Farukkhabad in Uttar Pradesh, and Kumar Vishwas will be pitted against Rahul Gandhi in Amethi constituency, also in Uttar Pradesh.

Other prominent people include Anjali Damania, convener of Maharashtra unit of Aam Aadmi Party, who would contest from Bharatiya Janata Party leader Nitin Gadkari’s stronghold Nagpur, Yogendra Yadav from Gurgaon, lawyer H S Phoolka from Ludhiana, the constituency of information and broadcasting minister Manish Tewari, and Subhash Ware who will fight against Suresh Kalmadi in Pune.

Medha Patkar will contest the polls from northeast Mumbai, while Meera Sanyal will contest from South Mumbai against Milind Deora.

“Today we have announced the names of 20 candidates. The selection of all these candidates has been done on the basis of their work for the society,” AAP leader Manish Sisodia said at a press conference.

With this list AAP has fielded new comers against the political bigwigs and is once again ready to change the course of Political history in India.

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Arunachal Youth’s death sparked protest In South Delhi

Tawqeer Hussain

“We want Justice” ‘we are Indians” “Hang the Killers” reverberates the Lajpath Nagar A block on Saturday when hundreds of students and community members from North eastern sates assembled here and raised slogans. The protesters were demanding stern action against the culprits who allegedly beat 17 year old Nido Tania to death.


Angry Youths of North easters states protest in South Delhi after Arunachal Youth Nido Tania was beaten to death bu local shopkeeper and his associates. PhotoCredit/Nayeem Hamdani

Angry Youths of North Eastern states protest in South Delhi after Arunachal Youth Nido Tania was beaten to death bu local shopkeeper and his associates. PhotoCredit/Nayeem Hamdani

The 19-year-old college student Nido Tania is the son of Congress Legislator from North eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. Nido was reportedly attacked around  in South Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar area on Wednesday after an altercation broke out between him and a shopkeeper over his hair colour.

a candle light demo demanding "Justice for Nido" PhotoCredit/Nayem Hamdani

A candle light demonstration demanding “Justice for Nido” PhotoCredit/Nayem Hamdani

Under the banner of Arunachal Students Union delhi, The protesting students rallied from the incident point to Lajpath Nagar police station and staged a jheroa there till late evening.

The protesting youth were demanding immediate arrest of all people responsible for Nido death and assurance of their safety in Delhi.

The proters Took rally from Incident site to lajpth Police station. Photo Credit/Nayeem hamdani

The protesters took rally from Incident site to Lajpath Nagar Police station. Photo Credit/Nayeem hamdani

“It is an act of racism as the youth was passed on racist comments about his hair” said Albina terming that Delhi is changing into crime state which is no longer safe.

Carrying plycards and shouting slogans the protesters demand "end of discrimination against NE communities. PhotoCredit/Nayeem Hamdani

Carrying plycards and shouting slogans the protesters demand “end of discrimination against NE communities. PhotoCredit/Nayeem Hamdani

Meanwhile police have arrested three people in this connection and further investigations are going on.

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Swish skier dies in Kashmir’ s Skiing Heaven – Gulmarg

Tawqeer Hussain

In a tragic incident a 50 year old swish skier, Arno Roy, died in Gulmarg on Friday under a snow avalanche whereas his two companions were rescued. Sources told that on Friday a team of 6 skiers came under an avalanche at Hapat Khoud near Affarvat mountain ranges in world famous ski resort Gulmarg at about 12 noon.

A Scanned Passport copy of Swish Skier Arno Roy, who lost his life after coming under snow avalance in Gulamarg, Kashmir.  Photo Source/Tangmarg Reporter

A Scanned Passport copy of Swish Skier Arno Roy, who lost his life after coming under snow avalance in Gulamarg, Kashmir.
Photo Source/Tangmarg Reporter

As the news of the incident spread teams of tourism, Police and medical team rushed to the spot and launched the rescue operation. The police was able to retrieve the dead body of Aron Roy after an hour long struggle and succeffuly saved his two companions.

Joint team of tourism dept and police took stern efforts and rescued the two skiers alive but one among the three had died due to head injury” Ajay Sharma SDPO confirmed to the local media.

The dead body of foreign winter sportsman has been brought to Tangmarg hospital by the medical team led by Dr Mohsin.

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Puneet Betrayed, arrested on Wedding day

Tawqeer Hussain and Ellen Whinnett

PUneeeeeeeeeeeet  11PUNeeeeeeeeeeeee

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