Indians Protest Against Israel As Killings Continue in Gaza

Tawqeer Hussain

Hundreds of people belonging to different religious and social organizations on Friday peacefully protested outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi against Israeli aggression and killings in Gaza. The protesters under the banner of Jamaat-i-Islami Hind demanded that Indian Government to close down Israeli embassy in Delhi and ask its ambassador to leave country.

Hundreds of people after Friday prayers protested outside Israel Embassy in New Delhi on Friday, July 18, 2014

Hundreds of people after Friday prayers protested outside Israel Embassy in New Delhi on Friday, July 18, 2014

Gaza is witnessing serious air and ground bombardment from Israeli forces which has resulted in 228 deaths with 48 children below the age of 17 years.Shouting slogans like, Gaza we are with you, down with Israel, Die Die Israel, The protesters demanded immediate intervention of world bodies to stop innocent killings in Gaza.
“Whole world is aware that innocent lives are being bombarded in Gaza by Israel and still they are tight lipped about the issue” said Mohammad Hussain, a protester adding that “Indian Government too is in deep slumber and even they haven’t yet condemned this deadly aggression”.


Meanwhile Israeli Embassy on Aurangzeb Road has been put under tight security cover as protests over Gaza bombings are escalating in India’s capital city. Police in anti-riot gear and with water cannon are ready for any eventuality.

The protesters demanding boycott of lock down of Israel Embassy in New Delhi

The protesters demanded lock down of Israel Embassy in New Delhi

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As Israel offensive in Gaza Continues, Rights groups protest In Delhi

Tawqeer Hussain

With The Israel offeensive in Gaza continues on Eighth day, the death toll reached 227. According to the United Nations who otherwise have remained silent over the Gaza massacre said that most deceased are civilians.

In India various rights groups have been protesting over the Gaza carnage and have been accusing Indian Government led By Narendra Modi for criminal silence. The protesters demand that India should strongly condemn the Israeli attacks on Gaza. The protesters today shouted slogans against Israel and Indian Government outside Israeli Embassy in New Delhi, which is heavily guarded by Delhi Police and Rapid action Force.


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Ahead of PM Modi’s Visit to Kashmir, Hurriyat Calls For Bandh

Tawqeer Hussain

Hurriyat Leaders in Jammu and Kashmir has called on people to observe complete shutdown ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’d visit on Friday since assuming office.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

On his maiden visit to Jammu and Kashmir, Modi will address both development and security issues hassling the state. He will head a special security review meeting with senior army, paramilitary, police and civil officials at the headquarters of Army’s 15 Corps in Srinagar. The Prime Minister is expected to tell them to go hard against terror modules and their financiers.

“He will take a brief on the security situation. Especially on the border, infiltration and secondly, he would focus on hawala transactions happening in Jammu and Kashmir,” said Kashmir BJP spokesperson Khalid Jehangir.

The Prime Minister will also flag off the train from Udhampur to Katra, the base camp for Vaishno Devi shrine and a hydro-power project in Uri. “The Prime Minister would get informed about the road projects, power projects. He is aware that Jammu and Kashmir is starved of power and will ensure the state gets 24/7 electricity because that has been a long pending demand,” Jehangir said.

The return of Kashmiri pandits to their homes, strengthening cross-LoC trade and restoration of Dal Lake figures high on Modi’s agenda. A 100-man strong Special Protection Group and 20 odd additional companies of central forces have arrived in Srinagar to secure the venues. The valley-based separatists have given a strike call against Modi.

“Nobody is against the return of Kashmiri pandits. The Hurriyat would welcome any such initiative aimed at the return of the Kashmiri migrants and making them a full fledged part and parcel of society as a whole. You have to look at the broader picture or broader message we are trying to convey. There is an ardent political message we are trying to convey through the strike call. I think the steps or the initiatives which they have announced seem to be more divisive than inclusive in terms of approach they should adopt vis-a-vis the Kashmir issue. We have always said that Hurriyat conference would maintain that we are willing to be a part of any process which is aimed at resolving the Kashmir conflict once and for all,” said Hurriyat leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq.

Kashmir has always viewed BJP stalwart Narendra Modi with caution and indifference. But this time as Prime Minister Modi sets his foot in the valley and aims to reach out to the people, it remains to be seen whether they will be forced to think differently and move away from their rooted perceptions


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Indian Army Foils Chinese Incursion Through Pangong Lake In Ladakh


NEW DELHI: Days after China depicts Arunachal Pradesh and parts of Ladakh in its map as official territory, its troopers made another incursion bid, but this time through water, at the Pangong lake nestled in the higher reaches of Ladakh.

According to reports reaching various agencies in Srinagar, the Indian Army had a face-off with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) as recently as June 27 in the Pangong lake when their troops tried to enter the Indian waters.

Although the top Army bosses and the Ministry of External Affairs office refused to answer the incursion query, sources close to the developments confirmed that the Chinese troops were intercepted at  the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the lake and sent back after the face-off drill during which the army personnel on both sides wave banners claiming it to be their territory.

Sources added that the incident took place on the northern bank of Pangong Lake, located 168 km from Leh.

The Chinese patrols used to come frequently from the northern and southern banks of this lake, with 45 km stretch on the Indian side while another 90 km on the Chinese side.

However, the incursion was foiled by the Army which has been equipped with new high-speed interceptor boats, that were bought from the US and can accommodate nearly 15 soldiers and are equipped with radars, infra-red and GPS systems. These boats are stated to be as good as the Chinese vessels and are used to conduct reconnaissance and area domination patrols.
Sources also said the Chinese patrol boats were backed by PLA troops from the banks of the lake and the move was apparently to put psychological pressure on the Indian troops who man the area.

The situation along the banks of the lake has always remained volatile with Chinese troops being intercepted by Indian Army patrol several times during a year and vice versa. Besides the three-week long stand-off in the Depsang plains of Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO) in May last year, Chinese troops have attempted incursions in various places along the line of Actual Control like Finger-VIII area (Siri Jap) and Aksai Chin area.


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Congress-NC Coalition In Disarray

Tawqeer Hussain

Serious fissures have erupted in the Congress -National Conference coalition in Jammu and Kashmir over the issue of ‘cross voting’ in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections in the state. This can have a drastic impact on the assembly elections later this year.

Many senior leaders of Congress party and NC are accusing each other of supporting the Peoples Democratic Party candidates in three parliamentary seats in the Kashmir valley that can work against the NC candidates in these constituencies.

The differences within the coalition came to the fore after senior NC leader Mohammad Shafi Uri accused Congress leader and Minister for Medical Education Taj Mohiuddin of dividing votes in Uri in North Kashmir to benefit PDP candidate Muzaffar Hussain Baig. Mohiuddin has strongly refuted these allegations.

“The fact is that Shafi has no footing in Uri and the reality is that all NC leaders and workers voted in favour of the PDP” the Congress state minister told reporters in Srinagar.

Additional General Secretary National Conference Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal while talking to The Citizen said that NC will think a hundred times in the future before forging any kind of alliance with the Congress party.

“It was shocking to listen from a Congress Minister like Taj Mohiuddin that some of the Congress workers voted for PDP candidate Muzaffar Hussain Beigh. Our workers voted for Congress in Jammu but what they did in Kashmir was shocking and against the terms and conditions of the alliance,” Mustafa said.

He further added that there was no alliance between the NC and the Congress party, just a seat sharing to keep the PDP out of power.

“It was a seat sharing agreement just to keep PDP away from power. We are waiting for the results and only after that our party will decide on a future alliance with the Congress” he said.

This is not the first time, the coalition leaders are accusing each other of cross voting Even on April 24, when South Kashmir cast its vote, Congress leaders admitted that it was difficult to persuade their workers to vote for the NC candidate.

“It is a difficult task to persuade our workers to vote for NC” senior Congress minister Ghulam Ahmad Mir had said to The Citizen earlier when asked to comment about the near revolt of Congress workers against the NC.

Mir added that they did their best to support the coalition candidate in South Kashmir and are optimistic that NC candidate Dr Mehboob Baigh will win the seat.

“After vigorous hard work for at least a month, we somehow managed to make our voters understand that their vote will be a vote for the UPA” Mir added.

Pertinently, NC-Congress coalition had forged a pre-poll alliance in the recently concluded Lok Sabha polls. Congress contested three seats, two in Jammu region, one in Ladakh, while NC contested the three LS seats in Kashmir.

(The story was first published in The Citizen )

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Who the hell is Geelani: Mirwaiz

Tawqeer Hussain

A day after Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani claimed certain sections of the pro freedom camp were in touch with Bhartiya Janta Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s emissaries, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, the head of parallel Hurriyat faction, flayed the octogenarian leader saying ‘who the hell is Geelani’.

Hurriyat Moderate Faction Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq

Hurriyat Moderate Faction Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq

While addressing a jam packed press conference at his Nigeen residence on the outskirts of Old City in Srinagar , said such baseless utterances by Geelani in the past have led to killings of resistances leaders. “Who does Geelani want to kill now,” he said.

Mirwaiz added Geelani’s statement is “baseless and fabricated”. “It is deliberate attempt to mislead the public of Kashmir as well as freedom loving people. Since 1990, people are giving sacrifices and leadership is also giving sacrifices. We want to tell Geelani that this is the same leadership which gave blood to the freedom movement,” he said.

Launching a verbal attack on the octogenarian leader, Mirwaiz said: “Since 1990, Geelani and his people have been issuing these baseless statements and they are trying to give the notion that they are only right and others are wrong,” adding: “We will not allow it. This movement has no godfather and Geelani should come of this thinking that he is holier than thou.”

While denying Geelani’s claims that he met emissaries of Modi, he said: “I want to make it clear that we have not spoken to BJP or any of Modi’s emissaries. Geelani’s allegation is baseless.” He said it is not for the first time that Geelani has leveled these kind of ‘baseless’ allegations. “It is not his today’s approach. They haven’t done this for the first time,” he said.

While accusing Geelani of creating confusion among Kashmir nation, Mirwaiz said: “By these baseless statements whom did Geelani want to get killed? Since 1990, many of our leaders including my father were killed as a result of these baseless allegations.”

“There is a huge trust deficit as far as Geelani is concerned. Such statements are creating atmosphere of mistrust and are facilitating those elements seeking to eliminate people physically and target them. This has happened not once but many times,” he said.

“Geelani wants himself to be seen as the sole conscious person in Kashmir. This is irresponsible. This movement belongs to all,” he said.  “This mindset of that ‘I am right and others are wrong’ needs to be changed. We respect Geelani. Many columnists are also trying to give notion that he is right. He is a veteran but he is trying to push us to the wall and that is unacceptable,” a visibly angry Mirwaiz said.

“Geelani is the same person who has contested elections under Indian constitution 12 times in the past. He has no right to question us,” he said, adding: we don’t want to go in the past. “If we unveil past then it is people and Geelani who have to decide,” he said. “Geelani has no copyright of movement. He should talk about himself.”

Mirwaiz said that Geelani’s statements will create an atmosphere of civil war in Kashmir. “I ask people to be vigilant,” he said. While continuing attacks on Geelani, he said: “Our silence and patience should not be seen as our weakness,” he said, adding: “I ask Geelani to change his approach and don’t compel us to come on streets and before media.”

The 44-year-old cleric said: “We respect every leader. Hurriyat doesn’t believe in attacking and questioning credibility of any party or leader. But time and again this party and this group which Geelani heads has always tried to malign others just to prove himself right which unfortunately is he is never right.

Lashing out at Geelani, he said: “We are in the process of finding solution. There will be occasions when you will have to meet leadership of India; leadership of Pakistan, people living in India so why is this mindset that if you meet opposite and that is sell-out.” He rejected the allegations of ‘compromise’ and said: “What compromise? Who is compromising?”

He said that we are at a stage where we have to show responsibility and farsightedness. “Kashmir issue is political issue and involves aspirations of people of Kashmir. But we lack trust.”

He said that Hurriyat wants solution of Kashmir either through United Nations’ resolutions or tripartite talks between the leadership of India, Pakistan and Kashmir. Mirwaiz said that his amalgam is not supporting Modi.

“My family has been pro-movement from last 130 years,” Mirwaiz said.

In his statement Friday, Geelani said two Kashmiri Pandits had approached him in Delhi asking him to engage in direct or indirect talks with the BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

While Geelani claimed he had rejected the offer, he said a group of local separatist leaders was already engaged in talks with the Indian government through emissaries.

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Did They Vanish In Thin Air?

TAWQEER HUSSAIN10 countries, 40 ships, 34 airplanes and 10 high resolution satellites are trying to find the Malaysian 777-200 Flight MH370 that went missing over the South China Sea en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. The flight had onboard 239 people including 154 Chinese, 38 Malaysians, seven Indonesians, six Australians, five Indians, four French and three Americans besides 12 crew members. FBI, Interpol, and Chinese and Malaysian intelligence and aviation agencies are trying to trace out the details of the plane’s but so far all of them have failed. With hundreds of questions and no answers, the question is: Did the plane vanish into thin air?

In the age of modernization with unprecedented technological advancement, four days have passed when the ill fated flight went missing and no clues have yet turned up. What we have got so far is a story about the oil slick, but its association with the missing plane had not been confirmed. This whilst jam packed press conferences continue and wailing and confused relatives are still looking for someone to let them know about what actually happened.

The Malaysian airline officials are trying to issue briefs about what went wrong but the problem is that they don’t have anything to share. They too seem helpless in this situation. According to media reports the plane might have crashed while cruising but no one has been able to locate any debris. So many theories are being cooked up following past experiences but no one has concrete evidence.

Besides crash theory, the possibility of a terrorist plan and subsequent hijacking too is being considered as one of the theories but so far no one has claimed responsibility of any foul play.

The unfortunate incident has raised the questions on Malaysian aviation security as the scrutiny of documents travelling aboard the missing flight has pointed at two passengers using fake passports leading to speculation about foul play.

The Malaysian Airline authorities have been trying almost everything to trace the missing flight, but still technology continues to fails to get any breakthrough. Pathbreaking technologies like Google Earth too failed at this end and didn’t provide any specific inputs of the flight. The aviation experts believe that something strange and sudden happened because of which the pilots too didn’t sent the distress signals of help calls.

What happened so far is a mystery and it is deepening as time passes on. A bizarre movement for the people who are waiting for their beloved ones. A moment of helplessness for the authorities who don’t have any answer against hundreds of questions. A technological failure on which we relent most, and this time it has made us helpless.

As world tries their bit to search the flight, the fate of 239 people onboard is still in dilemma and this tragedy wants immediate attention from the respective governments, so as to avert these things in future.

As India and other countries are still offering help, below are the list of countries who have already chipped in to search for the missing flight.


Malaysia has deployed 18 aircraft and 27 ships, including the submarine support vessel MV Mega Bakti which is able to detect objects in water at depths of up to 1,000m.


10 high Resolution Satellites, 9 warships, two specialized Ocean rescue boats, 50 maritime rescue team, Two Amphibian naval ships.


Besides setting up two command posts it has chipped in Eight ships and seven aircraft for search mission.

United States

The United States has deployed the USS Pinckney and Kidd from the Seventh Fleet, The Arleigh Burke-class destroyers carry MH60 Seahawk helicopters, A US P-3C Orion aircraft.


It has also sent two P-3C aircraft to join the search for the missing aircraft, which had six Australians on board.


Singapore has sent two warships, a submarine support and rescue vessel, a Sikorsky naval helicopter and a C-130 aircraft.


Thai Navy has dispatched a Super Lynx helicopter and a patrol ship to the Andaman Sea, west of Thailand. It has also put two other ships on standby in the Gulf of Thailand, awaiting a request for assistance from Malaysia.


Indonesia has dispatched a corvette, four rapid patrol vessels and a maritime surveillance plane after Malaysia requested assistance to scour the waters around Penang Island in the Malacca Strait.

The Philippines

It has also dispatched a Fokker F-27 and an Islander plane and two patrol ships. It has also placed on alert a Hamilton-class cutter vessel and a C-130 plane to join in the mission, if needed.

(The articel was first published in “The Citizen”

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